The Nike Air Mag shoes from Back To The Future 2 are on eBay, but not for us Brits. Instead, we've designed our own signature shoes based on our favourite technology giants from Apple to Android to Angry Birds.

We were inspired by designer Gerry Mckay, who decked out Adidas Superstar sneakers in the familiar blue and white of Facebook and the turquoise of Twitter.

What would a Google clog, Wikipedia welly or MySpace mocassin look like? Which mobile users would be more stylishly shod: Android or Apple? Click through the photo gallery above to see the results of our elbow grease and shoe leather with our technology-tooled tailor-made trainers.


We created the personalised concept shoes using the custom tools offered by Adidas Originals, Nike and Zazzle. Each site offers you the chance to customise every aspect of different shoes before buying, even adding pictures and text to your shoes. You can select from a vast range of classic kicks, including Nike Air and Nike Dunk, and Adidas Stan Smith, Samba and Superstar.

Sadly, there were some ideas we had to leave on the drawing board. We designed a pair of WikiLeaks shoes, but they were full of holes. Our netbook-themed pumps weren't very comfortable -- they were just too small. And we had a go at a pair of running shoes for broadband providers, but they didn't work out either -- we put them on and just couldn't go as fast as we were supposed to.

It's a shoe-in

If Marty McFly's shoes are real, Puma can make a phone, your iPod can talk to your trainers and you can get slip-ons with hoovers in, then shoes are clearly the next big technology accessory. In fact, we hear Sony is working on a pair to demonstrate how excited it is about 3D televisions and movies. We hear the left shoe is red, the right one's green, they're too expensive and nobody wants them anyway.

Now you've walked a while in our shoes, let your fingers do the walking down to the comments to tell us which of our creations is your favourite and which are a load of cobblers -- and let us know which tech giants you'd like to wear on your feet.

The shoe that started things off: Gerry Mckay's Facebook-themed Adidas Zuckerstar.
The Twitter shoes. We can just see Stephen Fry in a pair of these.
You'll already find Google's OS in phones, tablets and microwaves, but the Nike Air Zoom Flight Five iD Nexus Two is the first Android shoe. You can add bits to your shoes, but there's no guarantee they'll work properly.
Google's clean interface is evoked in these special-edition Adidas Stan Smith Feeling Lucky Edition trainers.
Can you guess the theme of the yellow-beaked Nike5 Bomba Pro iD shoe? There's a clue in the name...
Bird Bomba! Angry Birds Death From Above 2010 Edition!
If you prefer to side with the pigs, this Nike Air Mogan iD Shoe is great for hiding eggs in.
The Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas iD shoes just works; it's the Apple iShoe, the epitome of hipster smugness. Also available in white -- eventually.
There's also an iPad version of the iShoe. It's exactly the same, but a couple of sizes too big.
This Nike Air Max 90 iD is plastered with every colour that'll fit on there, and starts making a horrible noise the second you put it on. It's the MySpace MyShoe!
Down to business with the LinkedIn eBrogue. Arf.
Wikipedia gets this simple, elegant, classic Keds custom shoe from Zazzle.
Oh hi there, Jimmy Wales. You certainly look 'appealing' hanging out on our shoes.
These Microsoft Windows Fluid Trainer Lights were totally different when we bought them -- now we put them on and they've gone blue! It's the Blue Shoe of Death...
Saving the best for last, the most kickin' kicks on the list: the Adidas Forum Lo CNET UK Signature Edition. With a Union flag lace jewel, CNET-branded strap and expert technology knowledge built-in, it's the shoe no self-respecting gadget-head should be without.


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