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Foki vacuum footware lets you shoe-ver your house

If running a vacuum cleaner round the place is doing your back and head in, don your pinny and rollers and give Foki a whirl.

Nobody likes hoovering. It's an enormous chore, but sadly until they invent non-crumbling Hobnobs we're stuck with it. If running a vacuum cleaner round the place is doing your back and head in, you'll like the Foki shoe -- a concept that lets you shoe-ver your house.

Foki is a vacuum cleaner concept developed by designer Adika Titut Triyugo that definitely does not suck -- even though it does. Don your housecoat and pinafore, put your hair up in rollers and step into your Foki shoes to see what we mean.

Each shoe is a rechargeable rubber-lined plastic spring-cleaning slipper. There are two rotary cleaners in each shoe that pick up dust and bacteria. You simply slip on the Foki and either run round your house hoovering everywhere, or wear them as you do the rest of the cleaning. We can see them working well in hard-to-reach places, like the stairs.

An LED display on the top shows how much dust and grime you've picked up, as well as battery status. Ideally, we want to wander out into the garden and shake the collected dust out of our trouser legs, like in The Great Escape.

If prancing about your house in hoovering shoes is still too much like hard work, you can get yourself a robot to do it for you. We've pitted the iRobot Roomba and Samsung NaviBot against each other in an android housework battle to see which is the one for you. If robots aren't your bag, you could get your dog hoovering up after itself.