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Look slick in a bulletproof suit

Bulletproof items come in all sizes and shapes, including baseball hats, baby gear and luxurious vehicles designed to save your hide.

If you have $20,000, a good sense of style and are worried about small-arms fire, then you might want to order a custom bulletproof suit from Canadian tailor shop Garrison Bespoke. Carbon nanotubes harden on impact from either a bullet or a knife. Plus, it looks pretty fashionable.

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Bodyguard Blankets for schoolkids

School shootings and natural disasters are tragic parts of modern life. Safety products company developed the bright-orange Bodyguard Blanket specifically for kids. The bullet-resistant product is more like a pad than a blanket. It contains straps to help hold it in place. It's designed to be worn like a backpack, providing shelter beneath in case of danger.

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Blingy bulletproof baby car seat

Latvian luxury carmaker Dartz unveiled one of the world's most luxurious baby seats recently, but it offers more than just a measure of protection during auto accidents. The bulletproof back is made from Kevlar overlayed with carbon fiber. Gold-plated crocodile skin and high-end leather bring the luxury component.

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A floating bulletproof vest

BCB International's FATS vest isn't your typical piece of body armor. FATS stands for "Floating Armour Torso System." The tactical armored vest has ballistic inserts, but it also has a trigger to set off an inflatable bladder. That means it doubles as a life vest for when you hit the water.

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Baseball cap hides bulletproof panel

The BulletSafe baseball hat looks pretty normal. You could wear it to a ballgame and nobody would look twice. It hides a ballistic panel that sits over the forehead. The cap successfully funded on Kickstarter and is geared for law enforcement members looking for a subtle way to protect their noggins.

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Blasts bounce off these boxers

The Blast Boxers from BCB International are exactly what they sound like: boxer shorts designed to protect the lower body from injury in case of proximity to an explosion.

The marketing materials promise the boxers are comfortable and are made with anti-odor materials. Mesh material helps to keep them cool while Kevlar provides protection.

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Bulletproof whiteboard for teachers

Armor manufacturer Hardwire took a slight step away from its military and law enforcement products to create the Bulletproof Whiteboard for teachers back in 2013. The whiteboard is made with ballistic armor panels and is designed to be held like a shield if necessary. Hardwire also makes a special armor insert for kids' backpacks.

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An iPhone that can take a bullet

The iPhone rarely fares well in any torture test involving a projectile fired from a gun. There is an exception to this fragility. Back in 2012, Japanese company Marudai announced it had created a bulletproof iPhone by encasing the gadget in a thick chunk of steel. Practical? Nope. Bulletproof? Apparently.

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Briefcase with ballistic protection

If you're into the business-casual look and you also happen to be a super-spy involved in dangerous international intrigue, then you might want to drop $800 on the MTS Multi-Threat Shield from Force Training Institute. It looks like a laptop-toting briefcase, but can be held up to act as a ballistic shield. All it takes is a flick of the wrist to turn the MTS into a three-foot-long protective blanket. Just in case.

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Luxurious armored Mercedes SUV

If you need an armored car, you might as well roll around in the bulletproof lap of luxury of a Mercedes G63 from Inkas, a maker of armored vehicles. The souped-up SUV features electroluminescent bulletproof glass, a matte black paint job, exterior cameras, exotic leather interior and a speed-vault pistol holder for easy firearm access. It's a vehicle fit for a James Bond villain.

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