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Stylin' bulletproof suit absorbs small-arms fire

Garrison Bespoke weaves nanotech into a snazzy suit that looks sharp and keeps bullets from getting through.

Bulletproof suit from Garrison Bespoke
For those days when need a little extra protection.
Garrison Bespoke

Bulletproof vests may be practical, life-saving garments, but they're hardly fashion-forward. Some people demand both fine tailoring and the ability to keep bullets from penetrating their bodies. Those people are putting orders in with Canadian tailor shop Garrison Bespoke for a bulletproof suit.

Garrison specializes in luxury garments, so don't gasp when you find out the bulletproof suit starts at $20,000. Carbon nanotubes in a layer under the exterior fabric harden on impact to stop both bullets and knife blades. The technology was originally developed for use in US military applications.

"After receiving requests from high-profile clients who travel to dangerous places for work, we set out to develop a lightweight, fashion-forward bulletproof suit as a more discreet and stylish alternative to wearing a bulky vest underneath," says tailor Michael Nguyen.

The material is more flexible than Kevlar, and weighs half as much. Earlier in the week, Garrison hosted an event to show off the capabilities of the suit, firing 9mm bullets that didn't penetrate the striped vest. Nguyen says it can stop up to a .45 bullet.

With its price and capabilities, the suit is destined for a pretty specialized market. You know, people like Austin Powers, Sterling Archer, and James Bond. Now, I wonder if he could make me a bulletproof dress. Something slinky.

(Via Discovery)