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Self-inflating bulletproof vest rescues you on land or at sea

No matter where dangers lurks, the FATS vest will block a bullet and then blow up into a life vest to save you from drowning.

The FATS vest after inflating. BCB International

Not all tricky tactical situations take place on land. Survival and protective equipment maker BCB International in the UK has created an innovative armored vest that can save its wearer twice: first by blocking a bullet and second by stepping in as a lifeguard.

The FATS (Floating Armour Torso System) vest is body armor with a built-in life jacket. The vest looks pretty normal at first glance. It comes in black, beige or camo and features a MOLLE system for attaching extra gear. It also comes with a removal inflatable stole that triggers when it hits the water, deploying a yellow life jacket in seconds.

The vest is designed to expand around the inflatable stole so it continues to provide ballistic protection while keeping you floating on the surface of the water. It's balanced toward the front of the vest in order to turn a person upward and keep airways clear. A grab handle on the back makes it easy to pull the wearer back out of the water.

The FATS vest makes sense for naval military personnel, water-based law enforcement and super-spies with submersible vehicles that also double as luxury cars.

We've seen some unusual armored gear in recent years, including a fashionable bespoke bulletproof suit, a luxury bulletproof baby car seat and even a bulletproof iPhone. The FATS vest is more practical than any of those. Whether danger comes from land or water, it's prepared to step in and save lives.

(Via Gizmag)