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Weatherproof TVs designed for backyard

Available in three models up to 46 inches, SunBriteTV's LCDs are resistant to water, dust, insects and extreme temperatures.


We'll soon be dousing the winter fires and rediscovering the warmth of the great outdoors, but if you can't stand to drag yourself away from the footy in the living room, why not hook up at weatherproof LCD out the back?

SunBriteTV claims its all-weather outdoor LCDs are impervious to rain, dirt, insects and scratches, with heating elements and cooling fans built into the metallic housing that allow them to operate in environments as cold as 30 degrees below freezing and as hot as 50oC.

Optional accessories include a ceiling mount and an articulating aluminium wall mount that swivels between 230mm and 300mm from the wall. SunBriteTV also sells a 1.5-metre planter pole to prop up TVs on flat surfaces such as a patios or pool decks.

SunBriteTV LCD TV being sprayed with water

SunBriteTV's LCDs come in 23-inch, 32-inch and 46-inch models -- retailing for AU$4200, AU$6700 and AU$9200, respectively. A water-resistant remote control is bundled with all three. SunBriteTVs are distributed in Australia through Herma.