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Vizio SmartCast TVs add support for Alexa voice control

Vizio introduces a voice skill for Amazon Alexa that works with certain SmartCast TVs.


Vizio introduces a SmartCast skill for Amazon Alexa.


Select Vizio 4K TVs now work with Alexa, thanks to a SmartCast skill released today. Customers with a P-, M- or E-series SmartCast display and an Amazon smart speaker can control their TV hands-free. Turn the display on and off, adjust the volume, channel and input and even tell your Alexa speaker to pause, fast forward or rewind --  all with simple voice commands.

Vizio also plans to make its skill available to folks with SmartCast Full HD and HD TVs "in the coming weeks."

Vizio's SmartCast TVs give you access to apps from the display; the related SmartCast mobile app gives you access from your phone. 

In addition to Alexa, Vizio SmartCast displays also work with Google Assistant, the AI that powers its Home, Home Mini and Home Max speakers. 

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