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Sky One to join Sky Player: Sky Movies Premiere and Showcase coming soon

We're already fans of Sky Player -- its mix of premium movies, sport and now entertainment has got us quite hot under the collar

We've got a lot of time for Sky Player. Many hours, in fact. Not only does it make your Sky package available to you over the Internet, it's also integrated into both Windows Media Center and the Xbox 360 dashboard. Until now, live channels have been rather limited, but yesterday Sky launched Sky One as a streaming TV service, and today announced that Sky Movies Premiere and Sky Movies Showcase will be added later this month.

This is terrific news for TV lovers, especially those of a geek persuasion like us, who were hankering after more sci-fi on Sky Player. Now, we can see the likes of Lost, 24, House and the magnificent Stargate: Universe via the service. Significantly, the arrival of Sky Movies Premiere means we can watch The Pacific, the follow-up to the amazing Band of Brothers, when it airs this Easter.

Sky also promises more channels will be arriving on the live-streaming Sky Player service soon. Both Living and Bravo are signed up to get involved, which will add yet more ludicrously good shows, such as Sons of Anarchy and CSI. Hardcore Living fans will also be able to watch Yvette Fielding pretending ghosts exist and highly paid, beautiful doctors whinging about their love lives in Grey's Anatomy.

Sky Player subscriptions cost around £15 a month for the entertainment-only pack that includes Sky One. If you want everything, expect to pay around £41 a month for movies, sport and entertainment. Quite a wodge of cash for a Web-streaming service, but also an excellent way to see Sky if you can't have a satellite dish for some reason. Existing subscribers to Sky can use the service for free, up to their current subscription level.