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Sky 3D launches pub finder: Where will you watch Manchester United vs Chelsea?

Sky has launched an online service to help you find the nearest pub showing this weekend's top-of-the-table Manchester Utd vs Chelsea clash in 3D

Sky has launched an online 3D pub finder to locate your nearest boozer showing this weekend's football in three dimensions.

The timing of the 3D launch couldn't be better, the service debuting with Easter Saturday's hotly contested top-of-the-table clash between Manchester United and Chelsea. With only a matter of weeks left in the campaign, Manchester United lead Chelsea by a solitary point, with only two goals separating the teams. 

Over a thousand pubs and clubs across the country will be showing the game. To find your nearest three establishments, enter your postcode in the finder and get a link with a map.

We've asked Sky for a full list of participating hostelries, but in the meantime deciding which battle cuiser to frequent may involve a bit of postcode-typing trial and error. 3D glasses will be issued to you along with your alcoholic beverage. Remember to watch 3D responsibly.

If you can't wait, Sky 3D is live now on channel 217, but without a 3D-ready TV it'll look a bit weird. There are more details about Sky 3D here and we answer your 3D TV questions here.