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Roku TVs by Sanyo come to Walmart Canada

Now when you think of Sanyo, you'll picture a Canadian Roku TV.

Funai Sanyo

Watch out TCL, there's a new Roku-powered television coming to the land of maple donuts.

Sanyo, a brand operated by Funai in North America, will appear on Roku TVs sold at Canadian Walmart stores in early May. They range from 32 to 50 inches and follow Roku TV's typical formula of entry-level specifications and inexpensive prices, starting at C$248 (about $190). 

By way of comparison, TCL's own 32-inch Roku TV sells at Amazon Canada for C$207 (about $160).

Roku TV is CNET's favorite Smart TV system, with more apps and frequent updates than competitors, as well as a super-simple interface. Canadians get access to more than 5,000 apps on the platform. 

Here's the full lineup, available in early May.

  • Sanyo FW32R18FC (32-inch)
  • Sanyo FW40R48FC (40-inch)
  • Sanyo FW43R48FC (43-inch)
  • Sanyo FW50R48FC (50-inch)