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Roku TV Ready will enable users to control soundbar with Roku remote

Roku has announced its newest program designed to make soundbars from the likes of TCL and Denon work better with Roku TVs.

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Roku will ask what services you use to stream. 

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Roku has announced its new "Roku TV Ready" certification at CES 2020 that is designed to enable soundbars and audio equipment to work seamlessly with the company-branded TVs.

Products displaying a Roku TV Ready badge have been certified work a Roku TV, offering "smooth setup, easy on-screen access to sound settings and volume control with one remote".

The first partners under the program are TCL North America and Sound United (Denon). TCL will have Roku TV Ready soundbars in 2020, Roku says, while Denon will push out a software update for existing (as yet unannounced) soundbars.

Roku TV Ready is separate from the Roku Ready TV program introduced in 2013 which was designed to pair "compatible" TVs with Roku's streaming boxes.   

Meanwhile the company announced that more brands would be producing Roku TVs in 2020 including Walmart-brand ATVIO, Element, Hisense, Hitachi, InFocus, JVC, Magnavox, onn, Philips, Polaroid, RCA, Sanyo, TCL and Westinghouse.