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Philips announces sleek iPod speakers for 2009

Philips announces SBD7000, SBD8100, DC315, DC350, DCM250, and DCH250 iPod speakers for 2009.

You may have heard: companies are dropping like flies when it comes to exhibiting at CES 2009. Philips is one of the casualties and has instead elected to announce a grip of gadgets for next year before 2008 has even come to a close. Among the products are several rather slick-looking iPod docking stations with integrated speakers and precious few new features. Sure, one has HD Radio and another integrated Bluetooth, but neither functionality is shockingly innovative. Still, the look of all six systems ain't half bad. You can find more information on the SBD7000, SBD8100, DC315, DC350, DCM250, and DCH250 in this slide show.