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Philips SBD7000 Rotating Speaker Dock for iPhone and iPod

The Philips SBD7000 is a uniquely designed portable iPod speaker that conveniently rotates for both horizontal and vertical view of your iPhone or iPod Touch. As the dock is rotated, the speaker output automatically switches for a seamless audio experience while enjoying iPod video content. Ideal for iPhone users, the SBD7000's speakers are shielded from mobile phone interference. While designed with iPod Touch and iPhone users in mind, the SBD7000 is compatible with all dockable iPods.

Available March 2009, $119.99

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Philips SBD8100 iPod Speaker with Rotating Dock

The Philips SBD8100 is a uniquely-designed iPod speaker system that includes a remote control and motorized rotating dock. With the touch of a button, users can easily switch between horizontal and vertical views of their iPhone or iPod Touch. Ideal for iPhone users, the SBD8100's speakers are shielded from mobile phone interference. While designed with iPod Touch and iPhone users in mind, the SBD8100 is compatible with all dockable iPods.

Available June 2009, $149.99

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Philips DC315 Docking Entertainment System

Wake up to the sounds of your favorite music with the new Philips Docking Entertainment System DC315. Designed to simultaneously charge and play your iPhone or iPod, the DC315 delivers rich and clear sound to start your day off right. Dual alarm function offers versatility for any schedule.

- Play and charge your iPhone or iPod
- MP3 and WMA playback via USB
- FM digital tuning with 20 station presets
- MP3 link for portable music players
- Gently wake with increasing alarm volume
- Dual alarm settings for weekdays and weekends
- Freedom to choose your wake-up music

Available April 2009, $79.99

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Philips DC350 Executive iPhone Dock

Winner of a 2009 CES Innovations Award, the Philips DC350 iPhone Docking System is a great all-in-one choice for an executive's desk featuring a smart iPhone/iPod dock and clock radio that plays music from multiple sources. This versatile performer also features hands-free call functions via Bluetooth and schedule-synchronizing from your PC to iPhone.

Available January 2009, $149.99

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Philips DCM250/DCH250 Docking Entertainment Systems

Enjoy your favorite music from your iPod or iPhone in superb sound quality with Philips DCM250 and DCH250 shelf systems. Featuring a high-end metallic front panel and sleek, desktop design, the systems add style in the home or office. These versatile performers allow you to access music from multiple sources: iPod, iPhone, radio, CD, MP3 link and USB port.

Get more from your listening experience with the DCH250's HD Radio with iTunes tagging feature. Simply hit the tag button to automatically transfer song information from the radio to your iPod so you can purchase it later.

Available April 2009, $149.99 (DCM250), $169.99 (DCH250)

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