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LG to unveil 'world's thinnest LCD'

LG is expected to unveil what it has claimed to be the world's slimmest television at this year's CES in Las Vegas.

While there will undoubtedly be obnoxiously large televisions at this year's CES, it appears that the war has changed: it's no longer about size, ladies it's all about girth ... or at least a lack of it.

LG is due to unveil its newest slim television, the LG LH95 at the Las Vegas trade fair which will debut at a thickness of only 24.8mm, according to Tom's Hardware. The set is also expected to feature a 4ms response time, 240Hz Trumotion panel and 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio on its LED-backlit panel. Like the Sony ZX1 (which is only 10mm thick, go figure), wireless HD support is also expected. The television is also expected to receive a CES 2009 Innovation Award.

Local LG representatives have confirmed that the LH95 will be available in Australia sometime this year. Pricing and local features are as yet unavailable.

But that's not the only battle currently being fought. Sony has been quite aggressive in its marketing of the 200Hz Z4500 panel, and we anticipate manufacturers to ratchet up the Hertz during the show. LG is also piping in, with a 480Hz panel due in the States in the middle of the year. According to Tom's Hardware, the televisions will use a "scanning backlight" which can "rapidly turn on and off, drastically reducing motion blur" — sounds like a strobe light to us.

Ty Pendlebury is attending CES 2009 as a guest of LG.

(Credit: Engadget)