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Hisense launches Ultra HD TV range in Australia

Hisense is bringing its 4K/UHD TVs into the local market, with three models ranging from 84 to 58 inches.

The 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) market in Australia is getting a boost, with Chinese brand Hisense launching three new models, as promised late last year.

The 84-inch XT900. (Credit: Hisense)

The company's flagship is the 84-inch XT900, an edge-lit LED panel with a 3840x2160 resolution. The XT900 has built-in Wi-Fi, time shifting and PVR functions, as well as #D and smart TV functionality.

Joining it are the 65-inch and 58-inch versions of the XT880. These feature similar panel technology to the XT900, although not quite as bright (400 nit versus 420 nit), but with a higher contrast ratio (5000:1 versus 1600:1).

The XT880 runs Opera software for its smart TV offering and web browser. Wi-Fi is also built in, along with the same time-shifting and PVR functions as the XT900.

At the moment, there's no pricing on the range or timing for when they'll be in retail. The Hisense TVs will join 4K/UHD TVs from LG, Sony and Samsung in Australia, with more manufacturers expected to follow suit during 2013.

The XT880. (Credit: Hisense)