Unlock your front door with Logitech's smart button

Now you can control your August Smart Lock with a button press on the Logitech Pop Home Switch.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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Unlocking your smart lock with a mobile app or a voice command is so 2016. Logitech and smart-home startup August Home today announced the addition of the August Smart Lock to Logitech's Pop Home Switch list of compatible products. That means you can now lock and unlock your front door with the press of a button.

Available for $100 for two connected switches and one plug-in hub, the Pop acts as a portable on/off remote for a wide variety of smart-home gadgets . Simply download the related Android or iPhone app and add the devices you want to manage via the Pop Home Switch with a single press, a double press or a long press. The product partnerships range from smart lighting to music players and now door locks, and you can control multiple devices with one action.

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Press a button, unlock the door.


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I tried out Logitech's Pop at the CNET Smart Home and found it mostly simple to configure an August lock to work with it. What's the caveat? Because August locks operate over Bluetooth by default, they aren't instantly compatible with Logitech's smart button. Instead you'll need August's Connect hub or Doorbell Cam to act as a Wi-Fi bridge between the two. Once that's in place, though, you can add your August lock to any single, double or long button press recipes you want.

I'm still undecided on whether I'd rather use a button to control my smart locks and other connected devices or stick with an app or voice control -- August's latest lock works with Siri, after all. We plan to review the Pop Home Switch soon, so check back for our final recommendation.

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