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This mop and vacuum robot cleans itself so you don't have to

Narwal wants to give Roomba a run for its money with a self-cleaning feature.

The Narwal T10 is a self-cleaning robotic vacuum and mop. 
Tyler Lizenby/CNET

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Robotic vacuum cleaners have been on the market for years, but only one claims that it can clean itself. The Narwal T10, on display at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, has a tank of clean water inside so it can both vacuum and mop your floors, and then clean itself, company representatives told CNET.

Unlike iRobot's Roomba and other models on the market, Narwal sits in a box-like structure that has two tanks inside: One for clean water, and one for dirty water. It mops the floor with the clean water, and sucks up the dirt from both the floor and the mop head.

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"It's a completely hands-free cleaning experience," a company spokesperson told CNET at CES.

The Narwal T10 can be controlled via an app, which allows you to create a layout of your home for easier navigation.

You can purchase the Narwal through its Kickstarter page for $550, and it will arrive within about two months, the spokesperson said. The company hopes to launch it officially in the US later this year, they added.

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