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SimpliSafe's security kit gets a much-needed makeover at CES

It's one of our favorite DIY security systems with live monitoring, but the dated design left a lot to be desired. Now, at CES 2018, SimpliSafe is fixing that.


SimpliSafe impressed us with its comprehensive approach to DIY home security when we first tested the system out a few years ago. The only problem? The system's dated design was just plain ugly.

Now, at CES 2018, SimpliSafe's big reveal is a complete overhaul of the way the system looks, from the base station to the keypad to the bevy of wireless sensors you'll stick up around your house. SimpliSafe partnered with the design firm IDEO for the redesign, and the result looks leaps and bounds better than before. Many of the sensors are more compact now, too, shrinking the system's footprint in your home.

SimpliSafe also claims that the third-gen hardware features improved performance and up to double the range. The company also says that its glass-break sensors can now tell the difference between a window breaking and a plate breaking -- I'll get my trusty hammer and test that claim out first chance I get.

And, in a very nice touch, none of the new hardware will cost any more than before. Kits still start at $229, with a variety of different configurations and the option to build your own custom setup according to your home's needs. Individual devices range in price from the $15 entry sensor to the $99 camera, while 24/7 live monitoring, video verification of alarms and smartphone alerts are all available for a monthly fee of $25.

SimpliSafe also tells us that it has a busy year planned, with new products and integrations in the works. Product-wise, you should expect to see a new video doorbell with two-way audio and motion detection, new battery-powered, spotlight-equipped outdoor cameras that can shine a light when they detect unexpected movement and a new smart lock, too. No word on pricing yet, but all of it is expected to arrive by the end of the year.

On the integration front, you'll soon be able to sync your system with Amazon's Alexa. Do so, and you'll be able to arm your system, lock your doors or put the cameras into guard mode using spoken commands.

The new SimpliSafe system is available now on SimpliSafe's website. We'll see if we can test it out in the CNET Smart Home for an updated review in the coming weeks.

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