KitchenAid brings its own smart oven to CES 2019

The Whirlpool-owned kitchen appliance maker is getting into the smart oven game in 2019. And yes, there are attachments.

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KitchenAid is bringing its own brand of smart oven to its CES  2019 debut with the Smart Oven+, and just like its iconic mixer, it comes with powered attachments. The oven uses KitchenAid's Even-Heat True Convection design to circulate air flow for even cooking and heating while also including an exterior 4.5-inch color, LCD glass display for viewing and selecting cooking modes. 


The Smart Oven+ comes in single, double and combination models along with three oven-powered attachments to grill, bake or steam in the oven. 

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The powered grill attachment is intended to minimizes the smoke and flare-ups of a traditional outdoor grill. The steamer attachment steams anything from vegetables to meat, potatoes or pasta. The baking stone attachment helps you crisp dishes and the team at KitchenAid say it preheats in half the time of a regular baking stone. 

The powered grill attachments come with the oven, but if the steamer and baking stone attachments will be available separately. Each attachment is dishwasher-safe and fits into the powered hub at the back of the oven.  


Appliance apps

The Smart Oven+ will also work with the Yummly and KitchenAid apps. Yummly integration allows you to choose a recipe, update your shopping list and have the ingredients delivered to your door. Connect your oven to the KitchenAid app, and you'll be able to control it remotely. You can view the oven's status, control modes and receive notifications on your iOS or Android device.

Voice commands

The Smart Oven+ works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can use voice commands to adjust Smart Oven+ settings remotely. A strong Wi-Fi network and the KitchenAid app are required to use voice command features. A Remote Enable mode does need to be enabled in order to control the oven through through the app or via voice.

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