How to find your phone (and all your Apple devices) with HomePod

Apple's HomePod gets this helpful, pinging update this week.

Molly Price Former Editor
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Apple announced a handful of new products and software last week, including updates for Siri with Apple HomePod

Download the latest HomePod update (after updating to iOS 12), and your HomePod will get pinging "Find my Phone"-like feature similar to what's already available on the Apple Watch. Siri can now help you locate your iPhone , iPad , Apple Watch or MacBook

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Your HomePod will audibly ping nearby devices to locate them. For example to find your mobile device, just ask the speaker "Hey, Siri, where's my iPhone?" In our testing, Siri replied with, "I found CNET's iPhone nearby. Should I try to make it play a sound?"

Once the device is pinged, you'll also receive an email notification confirming that a sound was played on your device, along with a timestamp for the action. 

There aren't any settings to enable, as long as your HomePod and Apple device are under the same account. So long as your iPhone or iPad has an Internet connection (either Wi-Fi or cellular) it will just work.

According to Apple, the HomePod is compatible with iPhone 5S or later, iPad Air or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPad Pro and iPod Touch sixth generation. 

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