Get into composting with this under-sink option

If you'd like to get into composting, this system helps by sorting food waste from sink water.

Molly Price Former Editor

Beneath the CES show floor, a startup wonderland displays the newest ideas from around the globe. Sepura, a sink-integrated composting system is one of those ideas. A $340 system that attaches to your existing plumbing, Sepura can hold 6 gallons of food waste.

The system separates water from food sent down your sink's drain. It attaches with an adjustable pipe to fit most home plumbing, and you press the corresponding button on the countertop to run the system and separate food into the removable bucket below.

The team at the show booth told us you can keep food in the container for up to one month, odor-free thanks to a built-in carbon filter. LED indicators let you know when the bucket it full and needs to be taken to your compost pile. 

Of course, there are some things you shouldn't compost, and you'll still need to haul out the food waste yourself, but Sepura helps beginners take the first step in getting into composting. The Sepura system is available for purchase now. 

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