Eve puts Siri-enabled smarts in a power strip at IFA

Eve Systems also unveiled a color-changing light strip that works with Apple's HomeKit.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
Eve Systems

Eve's making Siri even more powerful at IFA .

The Eve Power Strip offers three connected outlets you can control with an app or with Apple's digital assistant, Siri. The Strip will also measure the power consumption to each outlet so you can track the usage of your electronics.

Smart home device maker Eve Systems is also rolling out a smart light strip. The Eve Light Strip will help set the mood with two meters (roughly six-and-a-half feet) of color changing lights. The Strip will have a handful of pre-installed scenes of various colors, or you can customize your own.

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Both will work with Apple's smart-home platform HomeKit , so you can control them with a voice command to Siri, either via your iPhone or your Apple HomePod smart speaker. You'll also be able to include them in HomeKit's scenes and rules, so you can have the lamp plugged into your Power Strip turn on when you unlock your smart lock upon arriving home.

Eve's showing off the Power Strip and the Light Strip alongside a new European version of the company's Light Switch and the upgraded Eve Room 2 at IFA this week. The Light Strip will cost $80 (which converts to roughly £60 and AU$110). Eve Systems hasn't announced a release date for either device or a price for the Power Strip yet.

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