Eve Room 2 gives Siri an upgraded sense of smell

The latest monitor from Eve Systems sports a refined design and precise measurements for air quality, temperature and humidity.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
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Eve Systems

Eve's second-generation climate and air quality monitor certainly looks a lot more polished than the previous version. Eve Systems is showing off the Eve Room 2 at IFA in Berlin this week. The HomeKit -compatible sensor will measure air quality, temperature and humidity.

You can preorder the second-generation Eve Room on the company's site starting Monday for $100 and it'll ship on Sept. 12. That price converts to roughly £75 and AU$135. 

The old Eve Room was a simple white box that we reviewed back in 2015. It measured the same three criteria as this new model and worked with Apple 's smart home platform, HomeKit, back when HomeKit was still young.

The Eve Room 2 is one of the first products of the newly rebranded Eve Systems after it separated from gaming brand Elgato back in June. Unlike the previous Room, the Room 2 features a touchscreen display that can show its readings for air quality (measured in volatile organic compounds), temperature and humidity.

You can also check on its readings via the app or you can ask Apple's digital assistant Siri on your iPhone or Apple HomePod smart speaker. Better yet, the Eve Room 2 supports HomeKit's automations, so you can have your compatible smart lights flash if air quality gets too low or adjust your smart thermostat if the temp rises.

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The old Eve Room required replaceable batteries. The new model features a rechargeable battery that will supposedly last for six months on a single charge. You can also plug the new Eve Room into a permanent power supply.

The Room 2 will still communicate with your phone via Bluetooth , which I thought limited the usefulness of the first model, as you couldn't check on readings from afar. A HomeKit hub such as an Apple TV or a HomePod will circumvent that problem, as either device can act as a bridge from the Room 2 to the cloud.

Without one of those gadgets , the Room 2 might still be limited in usefulness. The $100 price might also elevate it above a reasonable splurge for most, though the readings could come in handy if you have a wine cellar or you're particularly sensitive to allergens. 

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