Canary's personal safety button calls emergency services no matter where you are

Contact first responders in an emergency -- straight from your Canary app.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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The safety button is accessible from Canary's app.


Canary, the startup behind the Canary All-in-One, the Canary View and the Canary Flex DIY home security cameras, today added an updated "safety button" to its mobile app. It's designed so you can quickly contact first responders if you feel unsafe wherever you are -- not just from home.  

You access the safety button on the Canary app home screen by pressing and holding the shield icon. Canary says you'll have 10 seconds to disarm the distress call with a PIN code. If you don't disarm it, emergency responders in your area will get your GPS location.

The safety button is only available to Canary Membership subscribers.

Canary Memberships cost $10 per month. In addition to the safety button, this optional subscription service also includes longer motion-activated video clips, 30-day video clip storage (instead of 24 hours), video downloads, two-way audio, access to the web app and custom modes like "home" or "away." 

Canary isn't the first company to introduce "one-touch" personal security access to emergency services. ADT Go, created jointly with Life360, is a personal safety web and mobile app. In addition to SOS calls, ADT Go offers professional monitoring, roadside assistance and other safety features for a fee. Learn more here.

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Netgear's $10 per month Arlo Smart Premier and $15 per month Arlo Smart Elite optional memberships offer a feature called "e911." Similar to Canary's safety button, e911 is supposed to contact first responders in your area if you think you're in danger. 

The Canary safety button was made possible by a joint partnership with emergency response provider Noonlight. It's available to Canary Membership subscribers starting today.

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