ADT unveils apps, doorbells and more at CES 2018

ADT's Pulse brand showed off the ADT Video Doorbell and announced ADT Go, a family tracking and security app, at CES.

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ADT announced new smart home security products at CES 2018 on Monday, including a video doorbell for ADT Pulse and ADT Go, a family tracking app.

ADT Video Doorbell

ADT Pulse provides monitored home security and products. Ring's video doorbell is part of the ADT Pulse line of products, and it isn't going away. But ADT is adding its own video doorbell to the lineup. The camera will have a 180-degree field of view and 720p video, with a suggested retail price of $199, which roughly converts to AU$250 or £150. 


ADT is adding an ADT-branded video doorbell to ADT Pulse's line of products, which also include Ring doorbells. 

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Created in partnership with locator and communication tool Life360, ADT Go is a mobile app to connect and protect families outside the home. It includes 24/7 SOS emergency response in its premium version. A basic version allows family check-in, geofencing for notifications when family members reached pinned locations on the shared map. ADT Go can show you pretty detailed information about your family's driving habits, too. The app demoed at CES tracked drivers and marked each instance of a driver touching their cell phone or engaging in hard braking. Top speeds are also recorded. 

Other features such as activity history, crash detection and crime data are also available. An early adopter version of the app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Anyone can use the ADT Go app, regardless of whether or not you're an ADT Pulse customer at home. ADT hasn't announced any charges for the app or its emergency contacting services, but it's likely there will be fees in future. To correspond with the app's launch, right now the first 90 days of ADT Go are free for anyone. 


ADT Go, the new family tracking and security app from ADT Pulse and Life360, includes geofencing, crash detection and emergency SOS. 


ADT also announced plans to integrate ADT Pulse automations with Google Assistant voice controls sometime this spring. Voice commands for ADT Pulse are currently only Amazon Alexa-compatible.

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