August adds three devices to its growing smart home roster

August just added two new smart locks and a doorbell to its product lineup.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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August has three new products -- the Smart Lock Pro, the Smart Lock and the Doorbell Cam Pro.


Smart home device maker August has three new connected products to keep your door secure: 

Both locks are on sale now at Amazon, Best Buy and August's online store. The doorbell is available for preorder and units ship from Oct. 10. 

All three products are US-only and August doesn't have plans to expand internationally. At the current exchange rate, the prices convert to roughly £210 or AU$350 for the Smart Lock Pro, £110 or AU$185 for the Smart Lock and £150 or AU$250 for the Doorbell Cam Pro.

August's Smart Lock Pro looks a lot like the second-gen HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock. It works with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant , but this version also adds in an August Connect as a bundled accessory. That way, you automatically get both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity out of the box. The Pro lock supports Z-Wave as well, if you have a compatible hub. It has a new feature called DoorSense, too. 

DoorSense seems so logical that I'm stunned no one has introduced it before. It's essentially a door (or window) sensor built into the lock, with a second sensor accessory you either mount externally next to the lock or on the inside of the doorframe. With DoorSense, you can confirm that the door is actually closed (instead of simply locked or unlocked). 

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The new $149 August Smart Lock looks quite different than previous models. It features a more oblong shape with an integrated thumb latch for opening and closing the door. It also doesn't support HomeKit , but it too comes with accessories for enabling DoorSense. 

August's Doorbell Cam Pro appears to have borrowed its design from the original Doorbell Cam at a glance, but this version is equipped with a floodlight. That's supposed to enhance nighttime video streaming and its motion-detection functionality.

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