Amazon will keep track of your dog with Fetch

Put this tracker on your doggo's collar and you'll get an alert if he tries to leave your yard.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

What a good boy.

James Martin/CNET

The Amazon Fetch, announced at the Amazon hardware event on Wednesday, will help you keep track of your pup. It's a simple tracker that goes onto your doggo's collar. Then, you'll be able to set up a geofence area around your yard, so if he bolts after a squirrel, you'll know you need to give chase.

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The tracker makes use of the new Amazon Sidewalk signal protocol. Amazon Sidewalk, also announced Wednesday, is a low-frequency network that helps devices talk to each other from further away. 

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In theory, if Sidewalk becomes a popular protocol, you'll actually be able to track your dog from much further away -- devices in your neighbor's home might pick up your dog's Fetch so you can track it beyond your yard. You'll know when your best boy bolts, and then you'll be able to see where he's roaming. 

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The company didn't announce a price or release date for Amazon Fetch yet, but did hint that the company is aiming for next year. Pet trackers that use signals like Bluetooth are already pretty common, but the idea of using this with a new signal from Amazon to greatly extend the range is intriguing.