Echo Loop puts Amazon's Alexa on your finger

Alexa's newest proposal is to put its smart assistant on your finger as a ring.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
James Martin/CNET

Amazon's Echo Loop puts Alexa into a ring so you can wear the smart assistant on your finger. The Loop has a titanium frame and a small button on the bottom. Tap the button and you'll be able to give a voice command to this high-tech jewelry.

The Loop is part of Amazon's Day 1 Edition products. Announced on Wednesday at the Amazon hardware event alongside Echo Frames (glasses with Alexa), the Loop will be available by special invite for $129.99. While not a beta product, Day 1 Edition looks to be Amazon's more experimental arm of Alexa products.

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A haptic engine in the Loop will provide feedback to your finger if you receive notifications or after you press the button, so you know when to speak. You'll likely need to connect the Echo Loop to your phone via Bluetooth , but it could make use of Amazon's new signal protocol called Amazon Sidewalk.

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At first glance, the Loop looked a little bulky, but it might come in handy for quick access to Alexa on the go.