Wi-Fi EasyMesh wants to boost mesh hardware compatibility

Wireless mesh network hardware tends to be closed -- or slightly ajar -- systems. The Wi-Fi Alliance's new EasyMesh standard hopes to change that.

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Wi-Fi Alliance

Mesh networks use multiple routers and satellites to boost Wi-Fi performance across large areas, such as big houses. Today, though, you generally have to buy in to a single system. You can't seamlessly use a Linksys Velop mesh on the same network as a Netgear Orbi mesh, for example. 

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which manages the 802.11 Wi-Fi standards and more, has introduced an EasyMesh standard and certification to facilitate networks that talk, self-organize and optimize device attachment. In other words, allow access points from different manufacturers to negotiate and automatically jump your iPad to the access point that will give you the best performance as you move from room to room.

According to the Alliance, EasyMesh will facilitate

Locating local internet providers

  • Optimizing placement of multiple access points to provide wider coverage
  • Automatically adding and configuring new devices
  • Automatically adjusting to network conditions for best performance
  • Automatically jumping devices to the best connection and limits interference as you move around
  • Easily leting you add EasyMesh-compatible access points from any manufacturer 

As yet, there are no compatible devices.

You can find more information on the Wi-Fi Alliance site.

Locating local internet providers

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