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Fastest ISP in the West: Ziply Fiber Unleashes 10Gbps Internet

Customers across Ziply's fiber footprint can now sign up for the speedy, symmetrical 10-gig service.

David Anders Senior Writer
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David Anders
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Ziply Fiber added a new multi-gig speed tier with symmetrical download and upload speeds up to 10Gbps, or 10,000Mbps.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Ziply Fiber, a regional internet service provider serving the Northwest since acquiring operations in the area from Frontier Communications in 2020, has added an impressive new speed tier to its list of fiber internet plans: 10 gigabits per second.

Appropriately, Ziply Fiber announced the new multi-gig plan with symmetrical upload and download speeds on April 10 at 10:10 a.m. I suppose they could have waited until October to get in another "10," but customer interest and demand for 10-gig speeds, along with the network capability to deliver such speeds, were already in place for an early spring release. 

The new service is now available across Ziply's entire fiber network -- another notable feat as many ISPs have restricted multi-gig releases to select areas -- for $300 per month. That's quite a chunk of change for home internet service, but given the speeds, it's actually among the lowest-cost-per-Mbps internet deals on the market. There's also a $300 installation fee and, should you opt to rent your router, a $10 monthly rental fee. Like other Ziply Fiber plans, there are no contracts or data caps.

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With the new speed tier, Ziply Fiber has effectively become the fastest residential internet provider in the Northwest and perhaps the entire US when considering ISPs with multi-state availability. But, as Ziply Fiber CEO Harold Zeitz assures CNET, the plan "isn't a marketing thing" simply to claim recognition as the fastest.

Ziply Fiber hopes to flex the capabilities of its network a bit with a 10Gbps plan, sure, but the real incentive is enabling customers to "use the internet the way they want to," Zeitz said. "They have uses for them that we may not have thought of, but they did."

Locating local internet providers

One thing is certain: If you've got uses for symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps, you're working harder than I am. Fortunately, Ziply Fiber understands that such speeds aren't for most and offers a range of lower and cheaper speed tiers, including the 2- and 5-gig plans introduced in January 2022.

As for faster speed tiers down the road, Zeitz told CNET that he expects there to be interest in faster speeds, and "we expect to be at the forefront of that."