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Best Internet Deals for April 2024

These internet providers show they want your business, with fast speeds, low prices and bonus offers such as gift cards, streaming subscriptions and more.

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David Anders is a senior writer for CNET covering broadband providers, smart home devices and security products. Prior to joining CNET, David built his industry expertise writing for the broadband marketplace Allconnect. In his 5 plus years covering broadband, David's work has been referenced by a variety of sources including ArcGIS, DIRECTV and more. David is from and currently resides in the Charlotte area with his wife, son and two cats.
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David Anders
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Frontier Fiber 500
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AT&T Fiber
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Quantum Fiber Gig Internet
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What’s the best internet deal? 

A good internet deal, like Frontier Fiber's 500Mbps plan, our pick for best internet deal overall, comes with fast speeds for a bargain price and low cost per Mbps. Better deals (also like Frontier Fiber 500) include free equipment, unlimited data and no contract requirements.

The top ISPs may also include signup bonuses, such as gift cards, streaming service subscriptions and free months of service, for new customers. I wouldn't recommend choosing an internet service or specific plan based off the bonus offer alone, but it's nice to get something extra with a plan you're going to sign up for anyway.

Internet deals frequently change, but you'll find a recent roundup of the best offers and promotions from leading ISPs below. Keep in mind that all providers, pricing and promotions aren't available in all areas and are subject to change at any time.

Best internet deals for April 2024

Price range $50 - $155 per monthSpeed range 500 - 5,000MbpsConnection FiberKey Info Unlimited data, no contracts, no equipment fee

Frontier Fiber offers a few speed tiers, but the Fiber 500 plan is tough to beat for a one-size-fits-all internet deal. Symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 500Mbps are more than enough for most households. Plus, the $45 price (don't forget to sign up for autopay) is lower than you'll find from many other providers for comparable, or even slower, speeds.

Wi-Fi equipment and unlimited data are included at no extra cost. Contracts aren't required with Frontier Fiber unless you opt to receive a sign-up bonus offer.

Frontier Fiber's special offers

On all plans, excluding the Fiber 5 Gig speed tier, your included router is an Amazon Eero 6 Plus. Fiber 5 Gig comes with a TP-Link Archer AXE300 6E. 

Frontier's 2 Gig plan, which starts at $100 a month, also comes with a $200 gift card in select areas for a limited time.

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Price range $50 - $120 per monthSpeed range 300 - 2,000MbpsConnection FiberKey Info Unlimited data, no contracts, free equipment with gig service

Verizon's promos frequently change (details on the latest offer below), so if you don't love this month's offerings, check back to see what next month presents. 

All internet plans currently come with a five-year price guarantee. That's quite a deal, as many providers hike their rates after just 12 months. Unlimited data and your equipment rental are also included at no extra cost.

Verizon Fios special offers 

You'll get the best bonus when signing up for Verizon Fios 2 Gig: A $300 Target gift card or a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go plus a streaming or gaming bundle that includes a free Disney Plus subscription for 12 months and 2TB of storage or a MoCA Ethernet Adapter and $50 Xbox gift card. Single gig service comes with the same, though the gift card is lower at $200 and the Disney Plus subscription is good for only six months. Fios 500 and 300Mbps plans come with a $100 and $50 Target gift card, respectively.

Customers with eligible 5G mobile plans can also get $25 off each month's Fios internet bill.

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Price range $55 - $250 per monthSpeed range 300 - 5,000MbpsConnection FiberKey Info Unlimited data, no contracts, equipment included

With fast, symmetrical speeds, unlimited data, no equipment fees and no contract requirements, AT&T Fiber plans are a great deal on their own. Select areas will have three plans to choose from with max speeds of 300Mbps, 500Mbps or 1Gbps, while many will have two additional multigig options (2 or 5Gbps). 

The selection of high-speed, fair-priced plans you get with AT&T Fiber is arguably the best you'll find from any provider.

AT&T Fiber special offers

You can typically expect a gift card from AT&T, and that's what the provider is currently offering -- sort of. New customers can now get a gift card in the amount of $50 to $150 depending on the plan you choose.

AT&T Fiber is also running a contract buyout promotion that offers to pay your cancellation fee with another provider in full when you switch.

Finally, customers can get $20 off their monthly bill if they have an eligible AT&T postpaid wireless plan.

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Speed range 200 - 8,000MbpsPrice range $30 - $165 per monthKey Info Unlimited data on some plans, low price increaseConnection Fiber

Quantum Fiber doesn't have the lowest pricing around, but it's close. The 500Mbps starts at $50 per month (only $5 more than Frontier Fiber 500), and gig service will run you $75 monthly plus taxes and fees. Plans now come with a price-for-life guarantee that ensures your rate will not increase for as long as you keep your service. Few other providers, if any, offer a price-for-life guarantee, making Quantum Fiber internet one of the best long-term deals available.

Quantum Fiber special offers

Along with the price guarantee, service includes Wi-Fi equipment and installation at no extra cost when you order online.

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Price range $20 - $300 per monthSpeed range 150 - 6,000MbpsConnection CableKey Info Lots of plan options, solid customer satisfaction numbers, data caps on some plans

It wasn't long ago that bundling internet and TV services with the same provider came with some serious savings. Now, you'd be lucky to get any discount for bundling internet and TV. Unless you live in an area served by Xfinity, that is.

Xfinity offers a discount for each bundled service. With internet, TV, home phone, mobile data and home security plans available in some areas, that could add up to $50 or more in monthly savings. 

Xfinity Internet special offers

Depending on your location and the plan you choose, Xfinity may include your equipment rental and unlimited data at no extra cost. Select plans may also include a gift card or free streaming service subscription (probably to Peacock) for a limited time.

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Price range $50 - $70 per month (50% off for eligible 5G mobile customers)Speed range 85 - 1,000MbpsConnection Fixed wirelessKey Info Unlimited data, no contracts, free equipment, 50% discount for qualifying Verizon mobile customers

5G home internet service is still relatively new as a household broadband option. Still, providers like T-Mobile Home Internet, Verizon 5G Home Internet and now AT&T are keeping prices competitive considering the speed potential of a 5G network. So far, Verizon has the best deals on 5G home internet.

Both Verizon 5G Home Internet plans (50Mbps to 300Mbps starting at $50 a month or 85Mbps to 1,000Mbps starting at $70) include unlimited data, no equipment fees and a price guarantee. The lower-priced 5G Home plan comes with a two-year price guarantee, while your 5G Home Plus plan rate is good for three years.

Verizon 5G Home Internet special offers

Verizon's fastest 5G internet plan, Home Plus, comes with your choice of a $200 Target gift card or a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go.

If you're a Verizon wireless customer with an eligible plan, Verizon will lower the $50 and $70 starting prices to $35 and $45, respectively.

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Price range $50 per monthSpeed range 100MbpsConnection CableKey Info 1.25TB monthly data allowance, no contracts, no equipment fee

For those who prefer internet service on their terms with no hassles or hidden fees, there's Cox StraightUp Internet. Starting at $50 per month, the service comes with download speeds up to 100Mbps, free equipment, free installation and a three-year price guarantee. Additionally, no contract or credit check is required.

For a prepaid plan, Cox StraightUp Internet is a fairly good deal, but the relatively slow speeds keep it from being a great deal. Speeds of 100Mbps for $50 per month equate to a cost per Mbps of 50 cents, which is high compared to most internet plans. On the other hand, the convenience of a prepaid service, along with no data cap, free equipment and a three-year price guarantee goes a long way to make up for the high cost per Mbps.

Cox Internet special offers

There are currently no limited-time promotions available to new Cox customers.

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Other internet deals for April 2024

Internet deals and promos vary by ISP, and providers vary by location and individual plans, so any number of deals could be available at your address. Here are some other noteworthy deals in addition to the ones listed above that you may want to consider.

Astound Broadband: Free service, gift cards, free installation. Astound's internet offers vary by location and are a bit all over the place. New York City customers, for example, can get two free months of service and free installation when signing up for the provider's fastest plan. In other areas where Astound service is available, promotional offers (including a free year of Max) and plan details will vary.

HughesNet: $100 gift card. Satellite ISP HughesNet recently boosted its speeds and its data allowances. The new plans also come with a free $100 Mastercard gift card (via rebate), but the offer ends April 30.

Kinetic by Windstream: Up to $200 in gift cards. Windstream by Kinetic is giving away gift cards in the amount of $100 or $200 to new customers in select areas.

Optimum: Up to $300 in gift cards. Optimum's 2- and 5-gig plans come with a $300 gift card to your choice of Best Buy, Home Depot or Snappy Gifts. Gig service includes a $200 gift card while the 500 plan includes a $50 gift card to the same retailers. No gift card is included with Optimum's 100 or 300Mbps plans.

T-Mobile Home Internet: Savings for eligible T-Mobile cellular customers, additional perks. Qualifying T-Mobile customers can get $20 off their 5G home internet service, bringing the cost down to $40 per month for speeds ranging from 72Mbps to 245Mbps. Home internet customers also can participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays, the company's weekly discount and perks campaign. 

WOW Internet: $300 gift card. WideOpenWest incentivizes customers to opt for its fastest speed tier. The provider's 1,200Mbps, starting at $95 per month, comes with a $300 gift card.

Ziply Fiber: Free month and installation. New Ziply Fiber customers can get free installation and a free month of service when they sign up for any plan. 

Best internet deals FAQs

What's the best internet deal?

A low cost-per-Mbps plan will often be the best internet deal.

For example, Frontier Fiber 500 includes max download and upload speeds of 500Mbps, starting at $45 monthly for a cost per Mbps of less than 10 cents. Compare that to a similarly priced plan or one even cheaper from another provider -- such as the Cox Essential plan, which has a lower starting price at $40 a month, but significantly lower download (100Mbps) and upload (just 5Mbps) speeds -- and you'll find a much higher cost per Mbps (40 cents for Cox Essential). Frontier Fiber 500 is a much better internet deal.

If you have the luxury of facing similar pricing and speed options from multiple providers, look for special promotions, equipment costs, contract requirements and other service factors to determine which provider has the best deal.

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Can I get a deal on internet without a contract?

Yes. Many providers, including AT&T, Frontier, Google Fiber, Spectrum and Verizon Fios offer their best internet deals and incentives without making you sign a contract. Other providers, such as Cox and Xfinity, may require you to sign a contract to get the lowest price. 

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What internet deals are available to students and seniors?

Most major providers have a discount internet program available to qualifying low-income households, including those with students and seniors. Plans are typically in the $20 to $30 range and often come with broadband speeds of 50Mbps or higher. Additionally, the Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal program that grants eligible households $30 per month to apply to their internet costs. 

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Can I get a better deal from my current ISP?

Special offers such as introductory pricing and sign-up bonuses are typically reserved for new customers. That said, it may be possible to negotiate with your provider for a lower price or faster speeds. Your chances of scoring a better deal are higher if you aren't locked in a contract. Also, research other providers and offers available in your area before you call. The threat of switching internet providers is often enough for your current provider to offer you a better deal.

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