The Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock right now

With production promising to return to normal soon, here's the status of the $200 version of Nintendo's game console.

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Game consoles have been tough to get throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and with new PS5 and Xbox models on the horizon, that trend shows no sign of slowing down. But there's good news for anyone seeking out the Nintendo Switch: After months of supply shortages, the $300 Switch and the $200 Switch Lite can frequently be found in stock at major retailers. That's because Nintendo recently resolved most of its supply chain problems caused by the coronavirus.

Now, that doesn't mean that either console is easy to find in stock. But we've noticed since the beginning of September that online inventory seems to return to most of the major retailers (listed below) at least once or twice per week, and generally stays in stock for at least a few hours. That's compared to early preorders for the PlayStation 5, which evaporated in under a minute in many cases. 

It's worth pointing out that you can't connect this version of the Switch to your TV -- that's only the pricier $300 Switch. If you need more encouragement to take the plunge on the Lite model, you can read CNET's review of the Switch Lite

This post is updated regularly to reflect availability.

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Note that GameStop's site sometimes defers to refurbished models if and when new ones are out of stock. 

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Desperate for a Switch Lite? This list includes units available at a higher price via a third-party reseller, or ones that are only available for pickup in a brick-and-mortar store location.

[No retailers are currently out of stock.]

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