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31 Cutting-Edge Products From CES 2024 That You Could Buy Right Now

You don't have to wait to order these high-powered gaming laptops, portable power stations or other wild, wacky and wonderful gadgets from CES 2024.

Adam Oram Senior Editor
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Adam Oram
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Year after year, the Consumer Electronics Show brings with it all sorts of amazing demos and concepts that won't be available to buy for years (we're all still waiting to make ColdSnap ice cream in minutes). But if you're looking to snag some fabulous and futuristic products from CES 2024, don't fret. We've gathered plenty of cool gadgets you can get right now.

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All of the products below are available to preorder or purchase directly. From clicky iPhone keyboards to smart indoor meat smokers, here are the best products of CES 2024 available right now. While you're here, check our our best of show picks for CES 2024 and take a look at the weirdest gadgets we found at the show.


Sick of straining to make out dialogue during movies only to be suddenly blasted by loud noises? Well, that's a problem the Mirai Speaker from SoundFun aims to resolve. It's a soundbar that dynamically sharpens the quality of speech while also reducing background noise, so you won't have to keep raising and lowering the volume for a comfortable listening experience. It's available to order now for $299.

Apollo Neuro/CNET

The Apollo wearable is less about physical fitness and more about your mental health. It's designed to deliver "soothing vibrations" to your body in order to trigger a physiological response that improves your mood, reduces stress and helps you sleep. While it might sound like an expensive snake-oil doodad, especially at its full $350 price, it has been tested in clinical trials with results indicating improvements in things like heart-rate variability, quality of sleep, enhanced focus, reduced stress and more. You can order it right now with as much as $70 off. 


If keeping your data private is important to you, you may want to consider investing in the privacy-focused Punkt MC02 5G smartphone. This secure phone has a 6.7-inch ISP display and comes with 128GB of storage that you can expand with a microSD card. With its own suite of secure tools, including email, calendar and more, as well as the Apostrophy OS (which is based on GrapheneOS), you can use apps with an added layer of protection to keep your data and personal information from being collected and passed along to advertisers and other big tech companies. It even comes with a built-in VPN. 


While Chipolo's Card Spot item tracker has been around for a while, the company used CES 2024 to debut its 'Perfectly Imperfect' edition. This version of the credit card-sized Find My device has some cosmetic blemishes that would usually result in the device being scrapped, but this way the less-than-perfect items can still be sold. They aren't any cheaper than the regular model, but a dollar per purchase goes to charity and you'll be doing a little bit to help reduce waste. 


The new Fetch plus 2 cargo e-bike from Trek certainly isn't cheap, but if you need to tote around a bunch of gear or a kid or two regularly, it's an excellent and customizable option. Note that the base $6,000 price just gets you the longtail bike with accessories like seats and cargo bins being additional purchases. 


Audio-Technica makes some of the best sounding wireless earbuds on the market with the ATH-TWX9. The newly unveiled ATH-TWX7 use the same 5.8mm high-resolution drivers from those flagship buds. They come in a little cheaper at $199, though, while still maintaining a high-fidelity experience. The TWX7 also don't have a UV anti-bacterial charging case like the TWX9s do. 


With a $500 launch discount, Anker's newest portable power station is worth considering for those needing to guard against power cuts or power small appliances while off-grid. It's got a 3.84 kWh capacity and a 6,000-watt max output, so it's pretty heavy-duty, and you can pair it with solar panels or further Anker batteries to expand your system over time. 


Segway's Ninebot brand makes some of the best electric scooters, and it's latest entry is a solid value at under $500. The E2 Pro has a 15.5 miles per hour top speed and 16.8-mile range, plus some neat features including anti-skid traction control, turn signals built into the handlebars and support for Apple's Find My app. It's available to preorder now with a $50 launch discount and it'll begin shipping later this month. 

Evie Ring/CNET

One of our best of show products for CES 2024, the Evie Ring is a health tracker specifically designed with women's health in mind. The unobtrusive ring can fit on any finger, and it tracks sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and steps. Its tiny battery will run for several days before it needs a recharge. The Evie Ring is taking preorders now and should start shipping at the end of this month.


Segway's Go Kart Pro 2 solves the problem of what to do with a go-kart in winter -- use it as a gaming controller, of course! The sleek machine tops out at 26.7 miles per hour, and a new steering wheel includes a D-pad and buttons that let you use the device as a controller for video games.

Best Buy is currently selling pre-orders of the the Go Kart Pro 2 for $1,799 ($500 off the expected retail price of $2,299), and the device is expected to start shipping in early March.


JLab launched new over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones at CES 2024, with support for both Bluetooth multipoint and Google Fast Pair. JLab is currently taking pre-orders for the headphones in four colors -- white, graphite, sage and mauve -- and expects to start shipping in February.

Jon Reed/CNET

This 128W portable power station weighs only a little over two pounds and sports one USB-A and two USB-C ports. It can be charged with portable solar panels and has enough power to charge an iPhone more than seven times. Plus, at 99 watt-hours, it technically squeezes in under the 100-Wh restriction from the TSA, which means you can use it to power your devices during long flights. It lists for $149, but right now you can save $40 when you use promo code NY40


Want smart lighting for your ceiling? The Nanoleaf Skylight can help you achieve a customizable look for any space. This set of modular square light panels are flush-mount and designed to be used on your ceiling. You'll have to install the control panel, but after hard-wiring one panel as you would any light fixture, you can then add up to 99 additional smart panels. You can preorder now, and Nanoleaf is offering a 10% discount when you use code FAST10.


Satechi's SM1 keyboard is compact and wireless and features high-quality mechanical switches, as well as 14 different backlight patterns and over 16 hours of battery life. Plus, this rechargeable accessory can be used with both Windows and Mac and can even connect to up to four devices at a time. 

Mariel Myers/CNET

Ohdoki, the Norwegian company behind the Handy sex toy, announced a new sex tech device this year at CES. It's called the Oh and it's a wireless and Bluetooth-enabled vibrator that uses sonic technology for user-customized vibrations. It's set to cost $150 and ship this spring, though you can preorder it for $75 right now.

Motion Pillow

If chronic snoring interferes with you getting proper rest, the Motion Pillow may be able to help. It has AI features that detect snorting, then inflate the pillow to elevate your head and open your airway. Plus, this system will track your sleep, snoring and other data so you can stay informed. Though it lists for $699, it's marked down by 40% during CES, bringing the price to $420. 


AirTag trackers are handy for keeping up with your essentials, and now Catalyst has a dog collar for AirTag that can keep up with your four-legged friend, even if your Hairy Houdini gives you the slip. It's designed to hold the $35 Catalyst Clip-It waterproof case, which is meant to keep your AirTag safe, and to give you a little peace of mind about the whereabouts of your furry pal. You can preorder the $25 collar now, but if you bundle it with the Clip-It, you can save $5. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

MSI announced a slew of laptops at CES, including updates to its Titan, Raider and Vector series, plus the new Stealth series and more. Several of its new machines are available to preorder now with prices from $1,899.

David Watsky/CNET

This countertop beer maker we tried out at CES is now available to preorder with late January shipping expected. If you want to make your own beer at home with minimal fuss, it could well be for you since you need only add water at the top and scan a barcode to let the machine know which type you're making. The iGulu F1 will ping your phone when you need to add each ingredient, making things super simple. 


The new Strix Scar 16 and 18 models are available to preorder right now having just been announced. Each features a mini-LED, 2.5K display, 240Hz refresh rate, 1,100 nits of peak brightness with HDR and over 2,000 dimming zones. The entry model starts at $2,900 and with a Core i9-14900HX CPU, RTX 4080 graphics, 32GB of 5,600MHz DDR5 RAM and a 1TB SSD. The base 16-inch model starts at $3,000 with the same internal specs, although each can be bumped up to an RTX 4090 and a 2TB SSD.

Jon Reed/CNET

This whole-home battery from portable power pros EcoFlow, the Delta Pro Ultra power station provides up to 21.6 kW of output and can disconnect from your smart panel to take it on the go -- whether that's hooking up your RV or to that little off-grid cabin in the woods. It's lithium iron phosphate batteries on wheels and it's among the most innovative energy tech we've seen at CES 2024. Our CNET team at CES described it as "a Tesla Powerwall on wheels." You can order it now, with orders starting to ship on Jan. 9. 


Update: The first batch of R1 devices has already sold out, but the second run is still available for preorder.

If you've ever dreamed of having a personal assistant to perform tasks for you, you'll be excited by the Rabbit R1 A1 device. According to CNET's Lisa Eadicicco, it essentially "swaps out apps for an operating system that can learn how to use apps on your behalf." You can effectively use it through voice command and it operates the apps on your phone for you. It's currently available for preorder to ship in mid-March. The price is $199. 

Angela Lang/CNET

This unique Y-shaped toothbrush claims to brush all your teeth in just 20 seconds. You put the entire thing in your mouth, bite down, press the button and dedicate 10 seconds per jaw (top and bottom teeth). While it first appeared at CES back in 2017, each year the product returns with variations. In the past, it's received mixed reviews from our CNET team, but as the years progressed it's gotten more and more favorable. Right now you can get the 2023 model on Amazon.


Add a BlackBerry-style clicky keyboard to your iPhone with this new keyboard case from Clicks. Announced just before CES, Clicks for iPhone is already available to preorder for iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max with prices from $139. The first Clicks shipments will go out Feb. 1.

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

Think charging accessories and Anker is likely the brand that springs to mind first. And the company just unveiled a slew of new Qi 2-certified wireless charging products at CES, many of which are available to buy right now. From $22 wireless charging pucks to magnetic battery packs and multi-device charging docks, there's plenty of new gear on offer. 


The Lily 2 is an updated version of Garmin's fashionable watch with additional tracking features. Its main additions include Garmin's sleep score functionality plus five additional sports apps, including a dance fitness mode. You can order the Garmin Lily 2 now.

Josh Goldman/CNET

The HP Omen Transcend 14 is a portable gaming laptop that is light enough for toting about daily, but pretty powerful with up to an Intel Core Ultra 9 185H and up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070. It is built around a 14-inch 2.8K OLED display with a 48-120Hz variable refresh rate. It's available to preorder now from $1,520 and should ship Feb. 21. 

GE Profile

Smoke your own meats year-round with GE's newly announced smart indoor smoker. This unique countertop cooker uses wood pellets and keeps smoke inside its tightly sealed chamber to achieve that barbecue taste without releasing fumes into your home. Smart app integrations offer remote control and monitoring, plus dozens of recipes. 


Need to expand your laptop with some speedy external storage? OWC just unveiled the second-gen version of its ThunderBlade system (the ThunderBlade X8) at CES, which offers 17% more capacity in RAID 4 or RAID 5 than its predecessor and transfers data 17% faster when connected to Macs using Apple's M-series processors. It costs $1,750 for an 8TB model and $2,750 for a 16TB model, both of which are available now, with a 32TB version in the works too. 


Amateur stargazers can already order Unistellar's new Odyssey and Odyssey Pro telescopes announced this week at CES. Although certainly not cheap, they are more attainable than the brand's near-$5,000 EVscope 2. With the addition of automatic autofocus and pixel-binning technology, the new scopes take a lot of the hassle out of astronomy and solar system photography. Just note that only the Odyssey Pro has an optical viewfinder, whereas the Odyssey requires you to use the accompanying app.

Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

The Evolve Mvmt is an ankle band launched at CES that is all about measuring how you're walking rather than how much you're moving each day to reduce the impact on your joints. If you're not satisfied with the current crop of fitness trackers and step counters on the market, it could be for you, although it's certainly not cheap at $499. 

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