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Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 won't replace your iPhone, but this dirt-cheap feature phone is packed full of nostalgic charms that old-school Nokia fans will love.

Nokia E71x

Affordably priced, the Nokia E71x for AT&T is an incredible value for business users and consumers looking for a robust messaging smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Avid mobile photographers will love the Nokia Lumia 1020's exact controls, but casual users should stick to cheaper camera phones.

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia's 920 is a good evolution of the Lumia brand, with a truly outstanding camera. Everyone could like this phone, but we see smartphone newbies enjoying its uncluttered design and ease of use most of all.

Editors' Choice

Nokia N900

For users who don't mind spending a little time getting to know a new system, the Nokia N900 is truly outstanding. With multitasking and lightning-fast performance, the N900 is pushing smartphones to genius levels.

Nokia Asha 306

With the old Series 40 software on board, the Nokia Asha 306 is already a smart phone with usability strings attached. But it's biggest shortcoming is no 3G, which throttles speeds when you're not able to use Wi-Fi. It's also nowhere near cheap enough to rival a budget Android. Avoid like the plague.

Nokia Asha 203

The Asha 203 won't appeal to gadget fiends but it is very cheap, so it could make a good, basic phone for kids for calling, texting, light social networking and games.

Nokia N73

Nokia's N73 is one of the best camera phones we've seen this year, with a wide range of multimedia and business features tucked under its belt. Responsiveness, however, is not a strong point.

Nokia 7705 Twist Verizon Wireless

The Nokia Twist 7705's bizarre design won't be for everyone, but it pulls through with decent features and good call quality. On the other hand, it's not a practical Internet or multimedia device.

Nokia 6215i Verizon Wireless

The Nokia 6215i is a sleek entry-level VGA camera phone for those that want an attractive and slender package without a lot of frills.

Nokia 9300 AT&T

The Nokia 9300 includes handy features for corporate users, though some of them could use work.

Nokia Lumia 525

The Nokia Lumia 525, the successor to the popular Lumia 520, delivers entry-level features in a no-frills design. CNET Asia takes a closer look.

Nokia E52

At first sight the Nokia E52 won't set your heart racing, but its excellent battery life and ease of use make it a smartphone worthy of consideration.

Nokia E63

If you're choosing between the E71 and E63 we don't envy you. The differences in hardware (no HSDPA or GPS) are made up for in its cheaper price tag. The E63 will make an excellent messaging phone for people who need to be connected without the trimmings.

Nokia N

The Nokia N82 has some annoying design flaws and lacks 3G support, but our lasting impression of the N82 is of a powerful multimedia smartphone with an excellent imaging capabilities and solid performance.

Nokia 7

The phone will sell for around $400, and gives you the premium Nokia 8's "bothie" camera software.

Nokia 6700 Classic

The Nokia 6700 Classic is no fancy-pants smart phone, but, as a solid and beautiful mobile that covers all the bases, it's a good reminder of how Nokia got to the top. A high-quality, 5-megapixel camera and brilliant screen help make this phone a front-runner in the mid-range

Nokia 5228 X-Factor

You can blame it on stage fright, but when the lights go up, the Nokia 5228 pales in comparison to rival budget phones. Despite its self-proclaimed star quality, it just doesn't have the X factor to win our vote.

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