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Apple TV fall 2010

The Apple TV is an excellent streaming video box, especially for Apple fans who will use AirPlay and the upcoming iTunes Match service, but it's missing a few key apps like Hulu Plus and Pandora.

Apple TV 2015

Apple TV is a gorgeous gateway to Apple's world of movies and TV, but the absence of major apps at launch hampers its appeal in the UK.

Apple TV

While it's a step behind the Roku and less cutting-edge than the 2015 Apple box, the older Apple TV remains an excellent streaming box, especially for those invested in Apple hardware and the iTunes ecosystem.

Apple TV 2nd gen

The second-gen Apple TV is an appealing prospect, but we'd like to see a lower price tag and more UK content.

Apple TV 2007

We like the simplicity of Apple TV and the attractive user interface. If Apple issued a software update to add support for more video formats and started selling hi-def content on iTunes, we'd snap it up in a flash. As it is, though, it has limited appeal to those that live exclusively in the Apple universe

Apple TV 4K 2021

The new Apple TV isn’t a must-have upgrade if you’re happy with your current streaming setup. But it’s hard to say no to when you’re ready to get a new streaming box. In the mean time, get the new Siri Remote on its own. Trust me, it’s wroth it.

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