Sonos Updates App With Universal Streaming Search

The new app is designed to streamline use of the company's popular streaming system.

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Ty Pendlebury
person using Sonos' new web app on a desktop computer

The new Sonos web app will replace the existing desktop controllers for Mac OS and PC.


Sonos has unveiled its newest app for its music streaming system, which is designed so you can access your music faster than before. It will be available worldwide in early May.

The app, for Android, iOS and web browsers, streamlines the earlier S2 controller by putting all of the information on one page, instead of over multiple tabs. One of the features of the system is a universal search that works across the 100+ streaming apps, and no longer requires you select the type of content first, such as song, artist or podcast.

Sonos app home screen

The app features a dedicated search bar at the bottom.


The new app also surfaces recently played tracks, libraries and recommendations from your preferred services. The app is customizable and allows you to reorder or remove each of the rows in order to better access the content you use most.

The mobile app now includes a swipe-up interface -- which Sonos assures us works on both iOS and Android -- allowing access to settings and individual zone controls. Also, Sonos says it's discontinuing its desktop app in favor of the web-based interface, but hasn't announced when the desktop app will stop working.

Meanwhile, Sonos is rumored to be releasing its first set of headphones in the coming months, following the release of last year's Move 2 speaker.

The Sonos app will be available on May 7.

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