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Roku Ultra 2020

Roku's latest flagship box makes a few small tweaks but remains tough to justify the cost over the Streaming Stick Plus.

Roku Streambar

The Roku Streambar offers a no-brainer upgrade for people who want to improve the sound and streaming capabilities of their TVs on the cheap.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 2020

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an inexpensive streamer with a bunch of cool features, but you should probably buy something else.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite delivers voice-powered streaming for the lowest price yet.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus has made strides in the last year and will continue to improve in the future, perhaps as soon as October when Apple is expected to hold another event. But until it adds a catalog of familiar shows or a buzzy original (Foundation in 2021, perhaps?) it will remain a secondary streaming choice at best for most people.

TiVo Stream 4K

The $50 TiVo Stream 4K is an affordable option with some kinks that still need straightening out.


With COVID-19 outbreaks, a reshuffled schedule and the looming possibility of cancellation, baseball's streaming service is a risky play in 2020.


HBO's new streaming service has tons to watch, but it suffers from fewer features and a higher price than Netflix and Disney Plus.


NBC's new streaming service has tons to watch, but many missing features. The option to watch lots of content for free makes up for a lot, though.


Hulu is one of the top movie and TV streaming services available, thanks to how quickly it airs shows as well its growing slate of originals.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu with Live TV is a capable premium cord-cutting service that's well-suited to existing Hulu fans.

AirTV 2

The AirTV 2 is a nifty local TV streamer that is especially useful to Sling TV subscribers, but the lack of live TV pause limits its appeal.

Nvidia Shield TV

The Nvidia Shield TV combines powerful streaming and gaming features, but for most users it's not worth the high price.

Roku Express 2019

The Roku Express 2019 is an excellent streamer. It's easy to use and offers the cheapest access to Roku's superb operating system.

Roku Ultra 2019

The 2019 Roku Ultra (2019) is a very good 4K streaming box that puts convenience at the fore, but lack of Dolby Vision and a high price compared to other Rokus hold it back.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with all-new Alexa Voice Remote 2019

Amazon's cheap Alexa-powered stick is better than ever with a TV-control remote, but Roku's simple menus make it a better choice.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

It flogs Amazon content too much to beat Roku, but for Alexa fans or 4K HDR TV owners who insist on Dolby Vision, the Fire TV 4K Stick is a great value.

Google Chromecast 2018

The newest version of Google Chromecast is basically identical to the old one and falls short of the budget competition from Amazon and Roku.

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