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Crystal Acoustics MediaMatchBox

Crystal Acoustics' MediaMatchBox media player can deal with pretty much any format you throw it at. It's ideal if you want to add file playback capabilities to a TV or take your downloads on the road.

Conceptronic Grab'n'Go Full HD Media Player

The Conceptronic Grab'n'Go Full HD Media Player is a good machine, offering solid picture and sound quality. It's also easy to use, although it's about £70 too expensive, as the Western Digital WD TV Live does everything this machine does for less than £100. It does have one massive advantage, though -- its dead simple networking set-up, which worked first time for us. That's truly a rarity

D-Link DSM-330

The D-Link DSM-330 wireless media streamer is a good idea that with firmware updates or future revisions has the potential to get a lot better. It's only a shame there isn't great file support

Editors' Choice

Popcorn Hour A-110

The A-110 is a decent improvement over the original A-100, with a few useful features that will be attractive to some. The price increase is quite significant, but if you must have HDMI 1.3, DTS decode and SATA support, you'll think it worthwhile

Toshiba StorE TV+

The Toshiba StorE TV+ is a competent multimedia streamer with an ill-judged interface that few would want to live with. Despite broad file-format support and a capacious hard drive, it's frustrating to use.

Seagate Freeagent Theater

As a photo and audio device, the Freeagent Theater is not bad at all. We rather enjoyed photo slideshows while we listened to some MP3s in the background. This isn't the sort of device that will suit people looking for a good video solution, but it would be a handy if you throw plenty of dinner parties and want background visuals and music

Sony LocationFree

The LocationFree performs well and can be recommended to PSP owners who want to use their console as a second home TV, or as a client to their home TV while they're away. Unfortunately, its lack of features and excessive price means it doesn't stand up well against rival systems

HDX Bone

We like the HDX Bone a great deal. It does a terrific job of playing all sorts of media. It's at its best when you fit an internal hard drive -- using it as a USB storage device makes a great deal of sense. Its networking ability also means that you can stream files from your home PC, although this does require some messing around with Samba shares. As a media streamer, it's an excellent device and quite good value for money too

Editors' Choice

Popcorn Hour A-210

Popcorn Hour media players never fail to win our respect. Comprehensive media playback, a comparatively simple user interface and well-built hardware make them easy to love. The A-210 doesn't move the game on much, but it's accomplished at what it does and we'd spend our own money on one in a heartbeat.

Hauppauge WinTV-PVR TV Anywhere

A very good TV tuner and media streaming package that's hampered only by its slightly hodge-podge implementation and lack of Freeview compatibility

Xtreamer iXtreamer

The Xtreamer iXtreamer isn't the most stylish media streamer we've ever seen, but the integrated iPod, iPhone and iPad dock is pretty cool. We also found the device easy to use, and had no major concerns about video quality.

Popcorn Hour A-100

This is the best media streamer we've reviewed. Videos in 1080p look crisp and detailed. It's flexible and supports virtually every codec commonly found online. You don't need a computer science degree to operate it and it won't break the bank

Hisense MP800H Media HD Player

Overall, the Hisense MP800H Media HD Player isn't a bad little device. It's simple enough to use, although it's slightly let down by its user interface and remote control. You don't get much more than basic media-streaming support, but the machine is well-designed for the job. We can forgive its problems with 1080p network playback, but we're irked by the clunky, ugly and useless controller, which doesn't offer nearly enough control over your media

Asus O!Play HD2

The Asus O!Play HD2 looks just like its name suggests -- a right mess. Aesthetics aside, this is a serious media streamer for enthusiasts, and it does its job extremely well.

Netgear EVA9150 Digital Entertainer Elite

The Netgear EVA9150 Digital Entertainer Elite is a good machine. We were very pleased with its picture quality, and if you can make use of the removable hard drive, then it's likely to impress. Because of its size, this machine will appeal to the custom installer market, as it's potentially rack-mountable. Unfortunately, it's not as nice to use as other media streamers, and the price is too high. While it's a good piece of hardware, it's just not quite as slick as it could be

Linksys Media Center Extender DMA2200

The MCE DMA2200 is probably the best media streaming device we've ever tested. It's a shame you can only use it with Windows Vista, but for those who want to send media from their PC to their TV, it's the ideal solution

LaCie LaCinema Black Record

The LaCie LaCinema Black Record looks like a slick package but lets itself down with a useless remote, loud fan and inability to play 1080p files. We wanted to like this machine, but it's just one failure after the next. It's possible LaCie will address our concerns with firmware updates, but we'd suggest you avoid this product, unless, for some reason, you just want a stylish black box with a blue light for your front room. For media streaming, get a Popcorn Hour and, for Freeview recording, get a proper PVR

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