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Waze's new recorded directions are like a selfie for your ears

It'll only work if you don't hate the sound of your own voice, though.

Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom/CNET

People sure do love taking photos of themselves -- but will they love listening to themselves?

Navigation app Waze wants to find out. Its latest update allows you to record your own personalised voice directions. You'll lose details such as street names, but you'll gain the satisfaction of hearing your navigation app say "turn left here, -- and don't worry, everyone supports your life decisions." Or whatever it is rational adults tell themselves.

Acquired by Google for $966 million in 2013, Waze has been boosting its features in recent months. A partnership with Spotify gives you directions through the music streaming app, and last year Waze started giving parking advice. Most importantly, an update in March made it easier to buy doughnuts.

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