Zune HD gets lower prices, 64GB model

Microsoft announces a 64GB version of the Zune HD along with price drops for the other capacities.

Jasmine France Former Editor

Zune Originals

It may be a little late to the game in comparison to the iPod Touch, but starting April 12, you'll finally have the opportunity to get your hands on a 64GB version of the Zune HD. The high-capacity player will initially be available exclusively through ZuneOriginals.com in a choice of platinum, black, blue, red, green, purple, or magenta. The black model will also be available through other outlets in the future. Pricing for the 64GB model is set at $349.99, which is competitive with the iPod Touch.

In addition to the new capacity, Microsoft announced a price cut on the currently existing models. As of today, the 16GB has dropped to $199.99 and the 32GB to $269.99. For more on what to expect for the Zune HD in the coming weeks, read about the impending firmware update.