Zune HD gets Facebook app, finally

The wait is over. The Zune HD's long, long, long-awaited Facebook app is now available, and it's not too shabby.

Donald Bell Senior Editor / How To
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Facebook app for Microsoft Zune HD portable media player.
Facebook app for Zune HD Microsoft

In what can only be described as the most anticlimactic app release known to mankind, the Facebook app for Zune HD is now available. Originally promised to arrive by the end of 2009, the fabled Zune HD Facebook app has maintained a Yeti-like elusiveness.

Was it worth the wait? Not hardly. An app would need to lay laser-shooting golden eggs to be worth six months of prolonged anticipation. Fortunately, just like Microsoft's Twitter app (which actually arrived in December), the Facebook app is free to download and contains no advertising.

Like any Facebook app worth its salt, the new Zune HD app can update your status, and view profiles, posts, photos, and videos. Users can also send a receive messages through the app.

One neat little extra feature, made just for Zune HD users, is the ability to set your Facebook status to the currently playing song by tapping the Zune logo to the left of the status box.

To download the app for yourself, visit the Zune Marketplace app store within the Zune desktop software, or download the app directly to your Zune HD using the integrated Marketplace menu.

Update: After some initial performance issues, the Zune's Facebook app is working much better now.