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Zune 3.1 firmware unleashed

Microsoft updates their line of Zune MP3 players with a new firmware that adds additional games, and social features.

Photo of Zune 30, Zune 80, and Zune 120 MP3 players.
The latest Zune firmware update brings new features to every generation of Zune hardware. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

Microsoft has just released firmware version 3.1 for all models of the Zune MP3 player, and an update to the Zune PC software. The updated firmware adds three new games: Checkers; Sudoku; and Space Battle; as well as a new multiplayer mode for the existing Texas Hold 'Em card game. The multiplayer mode takes advantage of the Zune's Wi-Fi, letting players connect to other players with Zunes. The new Zune Checkers game also supports wireless two-player gameplay.

The Zune Social online community got a refresh as well, receiving a general visual makeover and a new "like-minded listeners" option now appears up on the right, displaying the Zune cards of listeners with similar musical taste.

Photo of Sudoku for Zune.

Also included in the update are incremental improvements to stability and performance of the Zune PC software, such as improved play count reporting and content synchronization.

To receive the free Zune software and firmware update, open up the Zune PC software, click on Settings, and select Check for Updates.

(via Zune Insider)