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Watch folders finally come to iTunes

Apple's iTunes 9 update brings with it the ability to automatically add music from a watched folder.

Donald Bell Senior Editor / How To
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Donald Bell

Screen shot of iTunes auto folder.

Ever wish iTunes would automatically import your non-iTunes music downloads? Well, like just about every other jukebox program ever made, iTunes 9 now includes the ability to automatically pull in any music that gets dropped into its new "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder.

Why, after years of complaints, Apple finally decided to relent on this feature is beyond me. Maybe the same genius who decided to put an FM radio in the iPod Nano thought of this one too. Whoever this guy (or gal) is, someone please buy them a beer for me.

To find this magical new auto-add folder, dive into your computer's iTunes music folder and scroll down the list of artists until you come to a folder named "Automatically Add to iTunes." If you're smart, make a shortcut for the folder and add it to your desktop. I'd also tell you to point your BitTorrent client's download folder here, but I'm sure you don't do that sort of thing. Forget I mentioned it, OK?

(via Lifehacker)