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The worst-sounding speaker ever

Kikkerland Woodchuck Speakers are truly awful-sounding things, but they're cute!

Plug 'em into an iPod or your computer
Steve Guttenberg

A couple of days ago I blogged about possibly (hopefully) the world's most expensive speaker, Transmission Audio's Ultimate ($1,000,000 each), so I guess it makes sense to write up a dirt cheap speaker, Kikkerland's Woodchuck iPod/computer speakers.

Thing is, Kikkerland's Web site doesn't list the Woodchuck, but I see it's on Amazon going for $13.99 a pair. So I guess I can't complain too much, but the sound is so weak, bassless, trebleless, and dynamically compressed the Woodchuck is without doubt the lamest sounding speaker I've ever heard. Kinda sounds like the speaker in my Panasonic answering machine.

Granted, the Woodchuck's thin, "wood-grain" cardboard cabinets are kinda cute, but they do require some "assembly," that is, you have to fold them into their pyramid shape. There's a skinny cable, terminated with a 3.5-millimeter plug, sticking out of each speaker's backside.

So maybe it's just not possible to make decent sound for $13.99; the lowest price speaker I've heard that I could listen to on a regular basis is the Audioengine2. I in fact, do listen to the AE2s ($199/pair) just about every day, they're my computer speakers.

What's the worst-sounding speaker you ever heard?