The best Apple TV 4K deal ever, now extended through September

Prepaying for DirecTV Now gets you an Apple TV 4K for $105 -- a $75 savings -- and you can cancel anytime. It's a no-brainer.

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Do you want an Apple TV 4K? This deal is the best way to get one.

When you prepay for 3 months of DirecTV Now service, you get a "free" Apple TV 4K with free FedEx ground shipping. Three months comes to $105, a whopping $75 less than the Apple TV 4K's $180 price. Seriously, why would any Apple TV buyer get it anywhere else?

The offer has been going on since March and was supposed to end May 31, 2018. Cord Cutters News reports that the deal has been extended through September, 2018.

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This deal allows you to get an Apple TV 4K for $105.

DirecTV Now

After three months, your account will automatically be billed at the $35-per-month base rate unless you cancel before the end of 90 days. You can cancel at any time and still get the full three months of service.

The offer is limited to one Apple TV 4K per DirecTV Now account, two per household, and only to new subscribers. DirectTV Now says to allow 2-3 weeks for your Apple 4K TV to be delivered.

DirectTV Now also has a deal that includes a free Amazon Fire TV for prepaying for one month of service ($35), but the Apple TV 4K deal is the one people seem far more excited about. You can see all of AT&T's tech deals here.

When the deal first appeared, the easy cancellation policy certainly had users on the Slickdeals website fired up. 

"Holy cow! This was a no-brainer for me even though I already have an Apple TV 4K," wrote a user who goes by the handle irxproductions. "I've been looking for an excuse to try DirecTV Now and this is like getting an Apple TV 4K for $74 off and the service for free for three months!" 

In fact the deal is even a little better than that because you'd normally have to pay tax on top of Apple TV 4K's list price of $179.

"We're constantly working to create new and exciting offers for customers interested in trying DirectTV Now, and they have responded to this one and others really well," an AT&T spokesperson told CNET when the deal first appeared. "It's a great way to get a fantastic video service on the latest device."