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Sony HT-S2000 Soundbar Takes On Sonos Beam

The $499 soundbar offers Dolby Atmos decoding and the ability to add wireless subs and surrounds.

Sony HT-S2000 Soundbar on a cabinet beneath a TV screen

Sony has unveiled a new Dolby Atmos-capable soundbar, the HT-S2000, which offers integration with its Bravia TVs.

The soundbar is a 3.1-channel model with two onboard subwoofers and a dedicated center channel. The speaker is able to decode Dolby Atmos and DTS:X but uses virtual processing to simulate surround and height information.

Connectivity includes Bluetooth, HDMI eARC and digital optical, though unlike the competitive Sonos Beam it doesn't have Wi-Fi music capabilities. The soundbar integrates with new Bravia TVs, enabling users to change audio settings through the television itself, for example.

Users looking to expand will be able to add the company's wireless accessories: the $350 SA-RS3S rear speakers, $400 SA-SW3 subwoofer or $700 SA-SW5 subwoofer.

As the "baby" in Sony's range, the HT-S2000 is supposedly more affordable than speakers like the HT-A3000. However, the older speaker is available on sale for the same $499 price, and has more features, including Wi-Fi.

The Sony HT-S2000 will be available in April for $499.