Sony gets stylie with new PIIQ headphones

Sony takes some design cues from Skullcandy with it's eye-catching new line of headphones.

Jasmine France Former Editor

With its fingers in nearly every aspect of the audio economy, Sony's no stranger to the music market. The company has been churning out headphones of all types and sizes for many years now, and it can no doubt count itself as a top seller in this category, which means it must be doing something right.

However, though Sony headphones are patently "not ugly," I don't think it's a brand most people would consider when on the hunt for a superstylish audio set. Certainly, the company's earphones tend to lean more toward understated than eye-catching design.

Sony's snazzy PIIQ headphones (photos)

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Apparently, Sony is looking to change all that with its latest line of headphones, dubbed PIIQ. The PIIQ models, which range in price and style from $15 earbuds to $100 full-size cans, seem to take style cues from Skullcandy, offering bright, multicolor bodies and in-your-face design elements. Let's just hope Sony stopped short of adopting Skullcandy's signature sound.

For an up-close and personal look at Sony's new headphones, check out the gallery, which includes pricing and specs for each of the five models.