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Sony Surprises With Five New 8K Receivers

Sony's new receivers, including the $900 STR-AN1000, offer support for 4K/120Hz and connection with Sonos systems.

The Sony STR-AN1000 will be available in March for $900. 

Sony has surprised us with five new receivers, including a replacement to its award-winning STR-DN1080. The new receivers are equipped with features like 4K/120Hz and wireless connectivity to Sony's rear speakers and subwoofers.

Sony's lineup has lacked receivers for several years, and the company's remedied this with the STR-AN1000 ($900), STR-AZ1000ES ($1,100), STR-AZ3000ES ($1,700), STR-AZ5000ES ($2,100) and STR-AZ7000ES ($3,300).

These Dolby Atmos and DTS:X receivers have dedicated HDMI 2.1 inputs with 4K/120Hz and 8K compatibility. They're able to wirelessly connect to the company's range of wireless rears and subwoofers. 

The STR-AN1000 is a 7.2 Ch receiver with six HDMI inputs, including two 8K inputs and support for video standards such as Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. The AN1000's predecessor, the STR-DN1080 receiver, was my CNET Editor's Choice for many years, but the product predated features like 4K/120Hz and Sony's own 360 Reality Audio, so it was eventually discontinued. 

The STR-DN1080 offered the best connectivity I'd ever seen in a receiver at the time, and the AN1000 and the rest of the range tops it. The new model's connections include: Bluetooth, AirPlay, Chromecast Built-In, Spotify Connect and Roon Tested. Sony also joins Onkyo in offering Works with Sonos compatibility -- connect a Sonos Port and you can control the receiver via the Sonos app.

The receivers offer a number of center-speaker technologies, including Center Speaker Lift Up to center the dialogue on your screen, and Acoustic Center Sync which uses the Bravia TV's speaker.

Meanwhile, the ES lineup, which is pitched toward the high-end and custom installers, is as follows:


  • 7.2 channel (100W/Ch) receiver
  • HDMI inputs: 6 in, 2 out
  • Four 8K/4k-120Hz HDMI inputs
  • $1,100


  • 9.2 channel (120W/Ch) receiver 
  • HDMI inputs:  6 in, 2 out
  • Four 8K/4k-120Hz HDMI inputs
  • 1,700


  • 11.2 channel (100W/Ch) receiver
  • HDMI inputs: 7 in, 2 out
  • Four 8K/4k-120Hz HDMI inputs
  • $2,100


  • 13.2 channel (150W/Ch) receiver
  • HDMI inputs: 7 in, 2 out
  • Four 8K/4k-120Hz HDMI inputs
  • $3,300

The receivers will be released starting March 2023. I look forward to reviewing the AN1000 to see how it compares with the current leader in the under-$1,000 category, the Yamaha RX-V6A.