Sirius XM teases iPhone app

A screenshot of a Sirius XM satellite radio iPhone app is revealed during the company's shareholder meeting.

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Photo of Sirius XM iPhone app.
Satellite radio comes down to earth. Sirius XM

On May 27, 2009, a PowerPoint presentation from a Sirius XM shareholder meeting revealed the satellite broadcaster's plan to bring its service to the iPhone.

A screenshot of a Sirius XM iPhone app was included in the presentation, with an interface similar to competing internet radio applications, such as AOL Radio or Slacker. Judging from the screenshot, the app allows users to browse stations by genre or category, designate favorite stations, or purchase songs through iTunes.

There's no indication of when (or if) the iPhone app will be available to the public, but if Apple gives it their blessing, the company plans to give the app away as a free download. Users are still required to hold a "streaming" account with Sirius XM in order to activate the iPhone app, which will set back existing in-car subscribers an extra $3 a month, or cost new users $13 per month for a standalone streaming subscription.

(via Silicon Alley Insider)