Shure gets colorful with the SE115 earphones

While they fall short on clarity and detail, the Shure SE115 earphones deliver impressive bass, making them a solid option for people who listen to a lot of hip-hop and reggae.

Jasmine France Former Editor

Shure has been a well-known brand among audio professionals for decades; heck, the company's SM57-LC microphone has even been used during presidential inaugurations. These days, Shure's consumer-friendly line of sound-isolating earphones get the most attention in mainstream tech press. Models range from the entry-level SE110s for $110 to the audiophile-worthy $500 SE530s. Over the past five years since the introduction of its first consumer line, Shure has remained loyal to a neutral color scheme for its earphones. However, that has changed with the introduction of the SE115, a $120 set that comes in a choice of four colors. But how do they sound? Read on for the answer.

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